Gallery of Original Pen and Ink Drawings

by David Watkins

All works are for sale
(Unless marked sold already)

Gallery of Current and Past Drawings

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Abstract Cross
Untited No. 846 Price:$325.00 Dimensions 9"x12"
Robot Head
Untitled No.88 Price:$405.00 Dimensions 18"x24"
Industiral Cityscape at Night
Untitled No.91 Price:$575.00 Dimensions 18"x24"
Untitled No. 541 Price:$325.00 Dimensions 9"x12"

Rotunda design
"Rotunda" Price:$625.00 Dimensions 18"x24"
Fish Tank with 3 skulls
"Fishing with Poe, O'Conner and Kafka" Price:$600.00 Dimensions 18"x24"
Gold bug collection
Gold Bugs (SOLD)
one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
"Dr. Suess" Price:$385.00 Dimensions 11"x14"

Abstract IHI
Untitled No. 556 (SOLD)
Longhorn skull
"Late Longhorn" (SOLD)
Juke box with bubbles
"Juke Box Bubbles" (SOLD)
Car Radio Image
Car Radio Price:$300.00 Dimension 9"x12"

Fish circling Drain
Untitled No. 101 Price:$440.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Fruit Fly Face
Fruit Fly Close-up Price:$270.00 Dimension 9"x12"
Tropical Bug Collection
Tropical Bug Collection Price:$440.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Fish Rat Race
Untitled No. 1659 (SOLD)

Green and Orange Mandela
Untitled No. 1185 Price:$325.00 Dimension 11"x14"
Wright Style Tile
Untitled No. 762 Price:$325.00 Dimension 11"x14"
Small Dream Catcher
Untitled No. 0005 (SOLD)
Wroght Style Tile
Untitled No. 826 Price:$325.00 Dimension 11"x14"

Abstract Industrial Dome
Untitled No. 90 Price:$650.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Orange and Blue Triptic
Untitled No. 506 Price:$350.00 Dimension 9"x12"
Turtles and Fish Cohabitating
Untitled No. 488 Price:$425.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Tropical Fish Vending Machine
Untitled No. 486 (SOLD)

Stained Glass Atom
Untitled No. 521 Price:$500.00 Dimension 18"x24"
glowing tropical bugs
Untitled No. 520 Price:$400.00 Dimension 18:x24"
flower mandela dome
Untitled No. 999 Price:$670.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Tropical Skull
Tropical Skull Price:$425.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Rush Hour Fish
Untitled No. 1578 Price:$350.00 Dimension 11"x14"
Brillian Clock works
Untitled No. 3 Price:$350.00 Dimension 18"x24"
Yellow and oranged framed mandela
Untitled No. 1042 Price:$440.00 Dimension 11"x14"
Star Burst design
Untitled No. 665 (SOLD)

Wicker Mandela
Untitled No. 1066 Price:$350.00 Dimension 9"x12"
Wright style tile
Untitled No. 867 Price:$325.00 Dimension 9"x12"
Abstract Image
Untitled No. 1578 Price:$475.00 Dimension 11"x14.5"
Abstract Image
Untitled No. 708 Price:$475.00 Dimension 11"x14.5"

Blue mandela
Untitled No. 715 Price:$300.00 Dimensions 9"x12"
Samuari Warrior
Samuari Warrior Price:$375.00 Dimensions 11"x14"
Green Circuit board
Untitled No. 1387 Price:$315.00 Dimensions 11"x14"
flowering tile
Untitled No. 1316 Price:$325.00 dimensions 11"x14"

Radio bubble transmission
Untitled No. 1144 Price:$375.00 Dimensions 11"x14"
Four turtles in bubble water
Four Turtles Price:$335.00 Dimensions 11"x14"

(Listed prices do not include taxes or shipping charges)

(All sales are final)

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